Q. Why use a professionally certified locksmith?

A. The difference can not only save you a headache with bad work but can also save you time and money in a stressful situation. Better to call and have it done right the first time.

Q. Do you cut keys for houses?

A. Yes, we do.

Q. My house is really old, can you cut older style keys for my front door?

A. It depends on the year but we can usually duplicate most house keys or find a way to help you out.

Q. I'm locked outside of my home or business; can you help me?

A. Of course, we specialize in all sorts of lockouts.

Q. Do you make key copies or cut keys?

A. We actually do both!

Q. Can I make a single key work for all of my locks?

A. Yes, you can , we can key your locks alike for most properties, sometimes the key ways differ and we have to change some things around but just give us a call for an estimate.

Q. Do you install electronic or smart locks?

A. We do.

Q. Do you service mailbox locks?

A. Yes

Q. I locked my keys inside my car. Can you help?

A. Of course!

Q. What is the difference between rekeying and lock changing?

A. Rekeying is taking your old lock cylinders and changing the pins or tumblers to match a key while lock changing is changing the actual hardware. Both serve great purposes and a free estimate will let you know what's better for your home car or business.

Q. Can you cut car keys for me?

A. We do this daily!